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Mental Health






Counselling and Therapy

Counselling and Therapy services are for families with children and youth who are experiencing social, emotional, and/or behavioural difficulties. A range of interventions are offered including assessment, individual, group and family counselling, consultation and parent education.

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Coordinated Service Planning

Coordinated Service Planning was created to support families with children/youth with multiple or complex special needs. Coordinated Service Planning is about linking you to services and ensuring that all the professionals involved with your family are working together as a team
towards your family’s goals and that you are kept informed of what is going on at all times.
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Child Development (Red Lake, Dryden, Sioux Lookout)

Child Development is a service for families with children and youth aged seven to eighteen who have been diagnosed with a developmental delay, disability, or are at risk of developmental disability.

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Community Education and Resources (as requested)

FIREFLY staff are available to provide educational programs and training as a community support service. Subject areas may include parenting, relationship violence, separation, divorce, etc. Programs are designed to provide participants with the necessary skills to manage difficult situations prior to their occurrence.

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Enhanced Early Years Mental Health Services

FIREFLY has always been mandated to provide mental health services to individuals aged 0-17. Historically, though, our services for very young children revolved almost entirely around providing support and skill-building services to their caregivers. While we still offer caregiver support and skill-building services, we have recently expanded our program to offer a range of ‘enhanced early years mental health services’ including family-based interventions, play-based therapies, and caregiver groups.

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Family and Caregiver Skills Building

Families and caregivers are the key to effective treatment and planning for children and youth. These services aim to enhance resilience and provide resources to support families and caregivers of children and youth with mental health challenges.  This may be in the form of psycho-education, training, resource provision or intervention and may be individual or group.

High Intensity Kids

High Intensity Kids is a new virtual parent group for caregivers and parents of children ages 0-17 who are usually intense, deeply feeling, often spirited, and sometimes challenging. Join RoxAnne Daignault, (Parenting Mental Health Support Worker) and Jessi McEwen (Child and Youth Mental Health Counsellor) over the course of four evenings where you will connect with other caregivers who can relate to your experiences, learn about what makes these kids ‘tick’, and explore some effective (and realistic) caregiving strategies that are tailored to their unique needs. You are welcome to participate as much or as little as you feel comfortable with, turning your camera and speaking on is not mandatory.

The program runs Mondays 7:00-8:00 PM, May 6, 20 and June 3, 17 (four sessions total)

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Infant & Child Development Services

FIREFLY provides Infant and Child Development services for families with infants and children, aged 0 to school entry, who have a developmental delay, disability, or children who may be at risk for developmental delay.

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Parenting Mental Health Support

FIREFLY has partnered with the LOTW District Hospital, Canadian Mental Health Association Fort Frances and Parents for Children’s Mental Health to offer both One-on-one counseling sessions as well as group sessions with our Parenting Mental Health Support Worker, RoxAnne Daignault. These sessions provide a safe, non-judgmental, and confidential space for parents/caregivers to speak openly and honestly about their experiences supporting their loved ones with mental health struggles.

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Psychology and Psychiatry Consultative Services

The Telepsychiatry program allows for the provision of psychiatric consultation via interactive video link with the Division of Child Psychiatry, University of Toronto.

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Stop Now And Plan (SNAP) is an evidence-based program that has been shown over the last 30 years to help keep kids in school and out of trouble. This program is tailored to boys and girls ages 6-11 and their families, and teaches impulse control, emotion regulation, and problem-solving skills.

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Treatment Foster Care (Dryden)

In partnership with child welfare agencies, FIREFLY provides support and education to families whose home is designed as a treatment foster home. Admission is ideally for children under the age of twelve years at the time of admission, whose needs are beyond the scope of regular foster care.

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Youth Justice Counselling

Youth Justice Services are for youth who are aged twelve to seventeen years at the time they were involved in a crime. Services include a variety of cognitive-based, behavioural interventions provided on an individual, family, and/or group basis.

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Youth Mental Health Court Worker Program (Kenora & Dryden)

The YMHCWP is a mental health diversion program, which is an effective alternative to the court process for youth who have been identified with mental issues. The program assists youth who are considered appropriate for diversion to access mental health services and support.

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Youth Justice Committee (Dryden)

The Youth Justice Committee Program offers an alternative to the formal court processes for youth people in trouble with the law. A restorative justice approach stresses accountability and responsibility.

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