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Youth Mental Health Court Worker Program



The YMHCWP is a mental health diversion program, which is an effective alternative to the court process for youth who have been identified with mental issues.


  • Youth ages 12 up to 18th birthday.
  • Evidence of a mental illness or is suspected of having mental health issues, traumatic brain injury, or developmental issues.
  • Youth must be able to manage within the community.
  • Youth has been charged with a Class 1 or less serious Class II type of offence.
  • A youth who is on a probation order and receives a new divertible charge is eligible.

Program Focus

The program assists youth who are considered appropriate for diversion to access mental health services and support.

The Youth Mental Health Court Worker provides consultation to the Crown Attorney, develops service care plans, works directly with the individual and links them to community-based mental health and addiction services.

Where the Crown believes the youth is experiencing a mental health issue and would benefit from community-based services, the Crown may withdraw the charges after the youth completes the mental health diversion program, which addresses their needs and increases access to community treatment and support.


Referrals for youth mental health diversion can come from anyone in the community including the youth, family, police, Crown Attorney, defense and duty counsel, and community agencies. All referrals will be received by a FIREFLY Youth Mental Health Court Worker.

Mental health diversion is a voluntary process available through the Kenora and Dryden Courts.


To learn more about the options available to you, contact FIREFLY toll free today at 1-800-465-7203. For location information, visit our Contact Us page.