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Help For Youth


If you or someone you know has a question or concern about development, mental health and well-being, FIREFLY can help. For more information or to get help, please call Centralized Intake at 1-833-NWO-KIDS (1-833-696-5437) or email


Do you live in or around Kenora, Red Lake, Ear Falls, Dryden, Ignace or Sioux Lookout?

We offer mental health counselling services to children and youth and their families. To get more information or to make an appointment call 1-800-465-7203.

If you need help now:

  • Kids Help Phone – call 1-800-668-6868
  • Be Safe App – it’s free and will connect you to services in Dryden, Kenora, Red Lake, Sioux Lookout, Fort Frances and Rainy River
  • Crisis Response Services: Kenora Rainy River Districts – call 1-866-888-8988


Providing service and support to children 0 – 18 with physical, developmental, communication or multiple special needs to help them achieve their potential, develop independence and enrich their quality of life.

The rehabilitation plan will depend on the needs of the child, parents and caregivers, and the resources available in the community.

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Q: How can FIREFLY help me?

A: FIREFLY supports families to assist children and youth to strengthen and develop the skills they need to thrive and grow in activities of day-to-day life at home and in their community.

Q: What services are offered at FIREFLY?

A: Autism, Best Starts Hubs, Youth Justice, Child and Family Intervention, Child Care, Healthy Starts/Canadian Prenatal Nutrition Program, Infant and Child Development, Mental Health Prevention Services, Occupational Therapy, Physiotherapy, Respite (in and out of home), Speech-Language Pathology, SNAP®, Tele-mental Health, Treatment Foster Care, Youth Mental Health Court Worker, and Zero to Six Mental Health.

Q: How do I get started?

A: Contact us at 1-833-696-5437 or connect with us at one of our area offices.

What happens when you call FIREFLY Intake

What to expect at your FIREFLY Intake Meeting

Q: How will my privacy be respected?

A: FIREFLY Will Protect Your Information:

  • We make sure your information is not lost, stolen or used by someone that should not have access
  • We also make sure it is kept private and is stored in a secure way

Your Information Will Be Kept Private Unless:

  • Someone is hurting you.
  • You want to hurt yourself.
  • You want to hurt someone.
  • You give permission to share with a trusted adult.

Q: Will my parents/guardians be involved in my care?

A: FIREFLY will work closely with you to see who might be supportive/helpful for you. This may include your parents or other important people in your life.

If you are 12 years of age and older, you have the right to access services without caregiver knowledge or consent.

Information will not be shared with your parent/guardian without your knowledge/consent. However, if you are in danger of harm to yourself or others we are required by law to inform your parents/guardians. In most cases we will include you in this process.

For Children’s mental you can choose to work with your family or on an individual basis with your Counsellor. Your Counsellor will help you decide how information is shared.


To learn more about the options available to you, contact FIREFLY toll free today at 1-800-465-7203. For location information, visit our Contact Us page.