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Physiotherapists or Physical Therapists (PT) are registered health care professionals with clinical expertise in the normal development of movement. Paediatric physiotherapy aims to help children move throughout their environment to the best of their ability, using methods such as exercise, stretching, strengthening, motor learning and play, and adaptive equipment.

How do you know if your child would benefit from Physiotherapy?

  • Does your newborn have difficulty turning his/her head, or is developing a flat spot?
  • Is your baby having difficulty with tummy time, rolling, crawling, sitting, or walking?
  • Is your toddler having difficulty with jumping or climbing?
  • Does your child have difficulty with running, balance, or coordination?
  • Does your child have a condition that may affect his/her long-term development?

What does a Physiotherapist at FIREFLY offer your child?

Services are provided to children from birth to age 18 in home, school, and/or community settings (example: daycare, hospital, etc.).

In general, once the referral has been processed and an PT is available to see your child they will need to meet with you for an initial interview to explain what an PT may be able to offer and determine the areas of concern.

Following that, they will complete an assessment with your child, which may occur at home, school, or in a community setting. After the assessment is complete, a report is written providing suggestions that can be reviewed with you and others involved with your child.

A therapy plan may include, but is not limited to:

  • An initial assessment;
  • Working together with children and their families, caregivers, daycare and school staff and other agencies to provide individualized treatment plans suited to the child and family’s strengths and needs;
  • Direct therapy, either individual or group;
  • Determining the need for equipment;
  • Home programs for use by parents, caregivers, daycare and school staff; and
  • Ongoing monitoring in which the therapist trains someone else involved with the child to carry out the plan on a more regular basis. The therapist is in regular contact with the person who carries out the program.


To learn more about the options available to you, contact FIREFLY toll free today at 1-800-465-7203. For location information, visit our Contact Us page.