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Applied Behaviour Analysis is the science of behaviour, which aims to make socially significant changes in people’s lives. It uses a scientific approach to understand how behaviour works in relation to the environment, and understand factors that affect learning and produce meaningful change. Applied behaviour analysis uses an individualized approach to understand and apply evidence based strategies to develop new skills in all areas of a persons life, including daily living skills such as toilet training, feeding or sleeping, in areas of social and emotion regulation skills, communication and play skills, self-help skills, academic or job-related skills, and increase independence at home, school and in the community.


ABA Behavioural Consultation Service is for children and youth with a diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder, who are registered for, or have applied to, the Ontario Autism Program. The service is available through Fee for Service.

The ABA Behavioural Consultation program will work on a limited number of targeted goals (1-2), over a short period of time. The service will be developed and supervised by a Board Certified Behaviour Analyst (BCBA) and delivered by an ABA Therapist.

The ABA Behavioural Consultation Service will include an initial clinical consultation meeting with the ABA Team who will help to identify your child’s strengths and areas of need. This may include an in-depth caregiver interview, assessment and observation of your child, as well as consultation with other clinicians involved in your child’s care at FIREFLY (when applicable).

This consultation service is offered in a 5 session package and includes a customized parent education component on the identified area(s) of need implementing specific ABA strategies, followed by a closing summary session to summarize progress and outline some recommended next steps to support further development.


To be eligible for the program clients must have:

  • A diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder or suspected Autism Spectrum Disorder
  • Be registered or on the wait list for the Ontario Autism Program (OAP)

Appropriate fit for this service will be screened at the time of referral and during the initial consultation meeting.

Targeted concerns may include:

  • Self-Help Skills
  • Social and Emotional Regulation Skills
  • Daily Living Routines
  • Toilet Training
  • Sleep
  • Feeding Challenges (picky eating)
  • Communication
  • Challenging Behaviours



To learn more about the options available to you, contact FIREFLY toll free today at 1-800-465-7203. For location information, visit our Contact Us page.