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What to Expect for your
In-Person Appointment




We’ll call you the day before your appointment to ask a few COVID-19 screening questions.


  We ask that only 1 caregiver be at the in-person appointment, if
possible. Please wear a mask if you have one. Children over 2
yrs of age can wear one if they choose. Please call your clinician
when you arrive at the office.



At your session, we’ll take your temperature and ask a few more
COVID-19 screening questions.



If you don’t have your own mask, we will give you one.
We will walk you to the appointment room and will respect physical distancing rules of 6 feet/2 meters.



When we see you, FIREFLY staff will be wearing special items, such as a mask and gloves, to keep everyone safe. These items are called Personal Protective Equipment.




When the session is over, we will walk you out of the office.