Our Vision

Healthy People. Resilient Families. Vibrant Communities.



We work together to provide hope and support and to strengthen individuals and families throughout the FIREFLY region.


Client Focused

We put our clients first by being respectful, compassionate, and caring.

Respect & Integrity

We are committed to creating an environment that respects cultural needs, diverse traditions, and experience. In addition, we strive to be professional, honest, and trustworthy.

Excellence & Collaboration

We are committed to high performance, continuous learning, and building connections with all communities and partners.

Progression & Innovation

We celebrate change, growth, development, and the creative exchange of ideas.


We are responsible for our work and our behavior.

FIREFLY Annual report 2017-18


FIREFLY’s Strategic Plan

Through 2015-2019, FIREFLY will focus on four strategic directions that will serve as cornerstones of service, share our organization, and focus our knowledge and expertise as we work to achieve our mission.