Our Vision

Healthy People. Resilient Families. Vibrant Communities.



FIREFLY provides children’s emotional, physical, developmental and community services. As embodied in our values, FIREFLY is dedicated to supporting and strengthening the health and wellbeing of children, youth and families across Northwestern Ontario through our client‐centred service excellence, system leadership, and partnerships.



This value is about how we do our work; with heart, dedication and with good reason. It’s how we approach our work; with empathy, passion, caring, respect and sensitivity

Reaching Beyond

We are future focused, driven by what is possible, and gracefully navigate change for the better.


We believe in everyone’s strength and capacity and we support their development in the work we do. We cheer and praise, build confidence and celebrate the strengths of our clients.

Sharing & Playing

Relationships are the foundation of everything we do. We believe in joining, connecting and collaborating.


We are dependable and take responsibility for our work, our interactions, our relationships, and our results.

FIREFLY Annual report 2020-2021

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FIREFLY’s Strategic Plan

Through 2019-2022, FIREFLY will focus on four strategic directions that will serve as cornerstones of service, share our organization, and focus our knowledge and expertise as we work to achieve our mission.