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The Core Support Fund

The newly established Kenora and Rainy River Districts FIREFLY Foundation is a public foundation whose purpose is to raise and donate funds to the critical services and programs offered at FIREFLY – Physical, Emotional, Developmental, and Community Services. FIREFLY staff work with families to determine the right tools and knowledge that will assist their children in developing fundamental skills to thrive in activities of day-to day life at home and in the community. They employ over 150 staff and serve multiple communities across Kenora and Rainy River Districts.

The FIREFLY Foundation is proud to assist them with their mission to create healthy people, resilient families, and vibrant communities.  A Donation to our Core Support Fund will make an impact to several areas as FIREFLY’s scope is vast and always growing.

Although it is difficult for the Foundation to predict which FIREFLY services will need funding and when, we can ensure gifts donated to The Core Support Fund will be applied to areas of greatest need including various FIREFLY Foundation fundraising and operational expenses.

FIREFLY believes in joining, connecting, collaborating, and supporting their regional partners; thus, it is these values that will drive the FIREFLY Foundation as well.

Mental Health Counseling

Occupational Therapy



Speech Language Therapy

Autism Services


Youth Justice Services

Diagnostic Clinics

School Based Counseling & Rehab Services

Canadian Prenatal Services

Psychology & Psychiatry Consultative Services

Customized Programs

Nutrition Programs

Respite Services

Community Education & Resources

Community Outreach Programs

Contact Beth Greene, Foundation Coordinator, at or 807-444-5795 for further correspondence about FIREFLY Foundation.

Support More FIREFLY Foundation Projects

Mental Health Wellness Kits

FIREFLY is requesting donations to purchase a variety of gear that will go into the creation of Youth Mental Health Wellness Kits. These Wellness Kits will be distributed amongst clients throughout the year. They will be comprised of different activities that focus on skill building, knowledge development, and relate to certain challenges that a client is currently overcoming. The Wellness Kits will aim to work on client confidence and provide various essential exercises that are outside the box from a client’s usual day.

Food Security Fund

“Food insecurity refers to the inability to access a sufficient quantity or variety of food because of financial constraints and is an established marker of material deprivation in Canada. Based on the most recent available national-level data, 8.8% or 1.2 million households experienced food insecurity in 2017/2018.” With the pandemic, 2020 has been a challenging year for children, their families, and communities. Job loss, poverty, and food insecurity impact the physical and mental health of young people and their families. The FIREFLY Foundation has chosen to prioritize Food Security because Food plays an essential role in how children and youth concentrate and perform daily tasks. We believe that allowing staff the opportunity to incorporate food appropriately throughout their program delivery will improve its potential for success.


This fund will impact several areas within FIREFLY services:

  • Programs which concentrate on food education can use funds to improve program delivery or acquire resources
  • Programs can offer gift cards and other healthy food for children, youth and families attending services
  • Family Food Baskets will be donated to FIREFLY families during the holidays
  • Expanding how the staff can utilize food within program delivery

The Foundation is excited to work closely with FIREFLY staff to ensure the Food Fund is meeting its optimal potential within the agency. In the future, The Foundation will also extend Food Fund dollars to local community organizations that offer Nutrition Education Programs, Food Distribution Programs, Food Assistance Programs, etc. Your donation to the FIREFLY Foundation Food Security Fund along with our donors and other fundraising efforts, will directly support families within Kenora and Rainy River Districts FIREFLY Foundation.

Compassionate Mission Fund

In recent years, FIREFLY has gifted excess funds, at the end of each year, to a few families who needed extra special support. The intention behind the donation is to help a FIREFLY family overcome a very specific barrier in their life: it is often a project or undertaking that is not financially feasible and/or not covered through other support avenues. The projects that were supported in the past have had one main objective. Make a significant difference in a young person’s life

FIREFLY Foundation is dedicated to campaigning this idea and expanding its reach. The Compassionate Mission Fund will be flexible in nature as the needs of each family are different. Funding can be awarded to families for several reasons but are not limited to: Home Renovations to improve a Child or Youths home experience – Respite Emergency Dollars – Community Accessibility Projects – Additional one on one Support for a Child or Youth – Equipment – Medical Supplies, etc.

A donation to The Compassionate Mission Fund will directly impact the number of recipients FIREFLY can support each year.

Other Ways to Get Involved

Purchase of a Gift Card

Fundscrip is a Canadian wide fundraising program designed to help non-profits and charities raise money for their cause.

When you buy a gift card, through the FIREFLY Foundation website, you receive the full value of the card and an automatic donation, ranging from 2%-6% of the cards total, is deposited into The Core Support Fund. This is without additional cost to you. FundScrip has worked with participating retailers to make this amazing contribution to non-profits and charities.

Many of the retailers are grocery stores, department stores, and gas stations. Support FIREFLY Foundation by buying gift cards to places you would normally shop. Further information is available at the following link. FIREFLY Foundation Fundscrip Campaign

Join our Ambassador Team

FIREFLY Foundation is comprised of a small but mighty group; we have set big goals for the Foundations future and are looking for some help to begin achieving Goal #1 – Public Relations.

We are looking to build a Team of Volunteer Representatives who can utilize their voices amongst the community. We need individuals looking to champion FIREFLY Foundation efforts and relay all our updates to their existing networks: local businesses, organizations, and community members.

Contact Beth Greene, Foundation Coordinator, at or 807-444-5795 for further correspondence about our Ambassador Team.

Build a Fundraiser

The Foundation welcomes any opportunity to partner with individuals and businesses to host fundraising events that will benefit the children, youth, and families of FIREFLY: trivia nights, benefit concerts, walk/run/bike-athons, birthday celebrations, etc.

Complete the Fundraising Activity Form and email Beth at

We are grateful for any chance to work with community members who want to help support critical programs at FIREFLY – Physical, Emotional, Developmental and Community Services. Click here to access the Fundraising Activity Form

Corporate Matching

Are you looking for a way to make a larger impact with your donation?

Corporate Matching is a fundraising opportunity where a company matches their employees’ donations to a charitable organization. This can be approached as a short-term holiday/celebratory fundraiser or a long-term support program. The Human Resources department within your company will know if a matching donation program is available. We are thankful to partner with a business that is inspired to join our efforts in providing quality care to children, youth and families of Kenora and Rainy River Districts.

The Matching Program can be dedicated to:

  • The FIREFLY Foundation Main Fund (Further details in Main Fund Write Up)
  • Support a focused objective (Department Donation, Special Event Donation, A dedicated FIREFLY Funding Priority)