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Youth Justice Committee

Youth Justice Committee Program Brochure French FINAL (2)

The Youth Justice Committee Program offers an alternative to the formal court process for young people in trouble with the law.

A restorative justice approach stresses accountability and responsibility. The focus is on repairing the harm and making youth accountable for their actions through meaningful consequences.

A conferencing model allows community members to become involved in the restoration of justice concerning our youth.

This program is available in Dryden and surrounding area.


Program referrals may be made by police, the Crown and other agencies authorized by the Attorney General.

  • Police:    Upon having enough information to lay a charge, may deem it appropriate to refer the young person to the Youth Justice Committee program instead of laying a charge.
  • The Crown: Upon considering the circumstances, may refer the young person to the Youth Justice Committee program as an alternative to formal court proceedings.


The young person (12 to 17 years old) must be willing to take responsibility for their involvement in the offence.

An Alternate Approch

Youth Justice Committee programs are not a replacement for the current youth justice system.

The program is an alternative approach for first time offenders who have committed a minor offence, but serious enough to result in criminal charges. The youth must agree to take responsibility for their actions and fully participate in the program.


Victims are provided an opportunity to express their feelings and tell the offender how their actions have impacted them. They can convey their thoughts on how the harm done might be repaired.


Conferences are led by trained community volunteers.

Conferencing is a respectful meeting of the people impacted by a crime. Victims can voice how the crime affected them and what they feel can be done to make amends. Offenders have an opportunity to share personal issues that may have contributed to their actions. Family members and support persons for both the victim and the offender are welcome to participate in the conference.

Upon considering the issues and implications surrounding the crime, the Volunteer Committee decides on the most appropriate sanctions to resolve the matter.

To inquire about the Youth Justice Committee Program
please contact:

75C Van Horne Avenue
Dryden, ON
P8N 2B2

Click here for information about becoming a Volunteer Conference Facilitator.