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SNAP-logoSNAP, which stands for Stop Now And Plan, is an evidence-based program which has been shown over the last 25 years to help children stay in school and out of trouble. The program is tailored to boys and girls ages 6-11 who display aggressive or antisocial behaviours, or who have significant trouble with self-control and dealing appropriately with anger. SNAP teaches problem-solving strategies and self-regulation techniques to help children and their parents keep their problems small. The group includes 13 weekly sessions for children and their parents or caregiver. Boys and Girls groups are run separately, and enrollment is kept to a maximum of 7 children with two facilitators.

The SNAP program at FIREFLY’s Kenora location is being funded by a federal ministry for a 5 year period as a research and evaluation study. This means that parents will be asked to assist in number of questionnaires – at the beginning of group, the end of group, and each year after program completion – to gather information that may support the continued use of SNAP beyond our 5 year funding. Because there is a research component, the FIREFLY SNAP team will need to carefully assess each child’s eligibility and suitability for group. Even if your child does not qualify for group, or you live outside the Kenora area, they can still receive individual SNAP services at select FIREFLY office location. All information gathered for research purposes is kept strictly confidential and will be non-identifying.

FIREFLY has partnered with the Keewatin-Patricia District School Board, Kenora Catholic District School Board, and the Ontario Provincial Police in this project. Partner agencies will be a source of referrals, help raise awareness and provide support to the SNAP program. Groups will be run out of Keewatin Public School starting in September and staff will work with families to assist with transportation and child care if needed. Involvement in the group is voluntary and there is no cost.

If you live in the Kenora area and feel that your family may benefit from the SNAP program, please call FIREFLY for an intake appointment (807-467-KIDS). For more information on the SNAP program at FIREFLY, please call Cathy Lundin-Neill at (807) 467-5535 ext. 2323.

To learn more about the SNAP program, please visit www.stopnowandplan.com.

To view the Funding Announcement from April 10, 2015, click here.