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Infant and Child Development Services

FIREFLY provides Infant and Child Development services for families with infants and children (aged 0-6) who have a developmental delay or disability or those children who may be at risk for developmental delay.  Services are available in the communities of Dryden, Red Lake, Sioux Lookout and surrounding areas.



Prevention and Education

This service offers parenting programs and provides library materials and resources on specific developmental topics.

Assessment and Counselling

This service provides assessment and screening to determine the child’s levels of functioning. Counselling is also available for families with developmentally disabled children and youth.

Case Management

Child Development Counsellors act as case managers to help parents identify, access and coordinate services including specialized assessment.

Prior to ending services, agency staff will work with the family to negotiate a plan for follow-up that takes into consideration the outcomes achieved and the family’s preferences. This plan will enable relevant persons (e.g. teachers, doctors) to assist in continuing to meet the child’s needs.

Child Development

This service targets children (aged 0 – 6) who have been assessed as being at risk for developmental delay or disability. Interventions encourage the participation of parents (caregivers) and are designed to assist the child to obtain an optimal level of development.


FIREFLY has a central access system where you can get information about our services. Click here for an office near you.