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Child Care Services

FIREFLY operates three licenced Child Care Programs in Kenora. Full day Early Learning programs are located at Cameron Bay Children’s Centre,  Evergreen School and King George School.  FIREFLY’s five before and/or after school (BASE) programs are located at Valleyview School, King George School, Evergreen School, St. Louis School and Keewatin Public School.

Preschool & Toddler Programs:

Children are provided with a safe and nurturing environment to encourage healthy development. They are given opportunities to expand their independence in toileting, eating and socializing. Fine and gross motor, as well as cognitive activities are provided throughout the day. Outdoor play allows opportunities for healthy development.


FIREFLY Child Care provides children with a nutritionally balanced (hot) lunch and two snacks. For parent information, menus are posted.

Dietary Restrictions/Needs:

FIREFLY Child Care Programs discourage peanuts and fish due to allergies. We will attempt to accommodate children with special dietary needs.

Specialized Services:

FIREFLY Full Day Child Care Programs provide inclusive care for children who have developmental or physical challenges. The services for speech and language, occupational therapy and physiotherapy are available through referral to FIREFLY.

Before and After-School Care:

The programs located at Evergreen School, King George School, Valleyview School, St. Louis School and Keewatin Public School offer a variety of structured play as well as free play. A snack is provided. It’s a safe place to play before school and/or after school.

 *Income tax receipts provided.

*Income testing available.