FASD Diagnostic Clinic

In Northwestern Ontario

Improving the quality of life for the children and families of Northwestern Ontario through the provision of diagnostic assessment and facilitation of services

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Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder

Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) is a diagnostic term used to describe impacts on the brain and body of individuals prenatally exposed to alcohol during pregnancy.

FASD is a lifelong disability. Individuals with FASD may experience challenges in their daily living, and need support with motor skills, physical health, learning, memory, attention, emotional regulation, and social skills.

Each individual with FASD is unique and has areas of both strengths and challenges.

Why Diagnose?

The clinic provides:

* Inter-disciplinary assessment and diagnostic services, for children/youth, in the Kenora, Rainy River, Sioux Lookout and Far North Areas.
* Pre and post clinic support through the FASD worker position.
* Referrals to community service providers.
* Recommendations for caregivers and educators.
* Community networking.
* Training and consultation for para–professionals and professionals, including educators, social service providers and those working in the legal profession.

How to Access the Clinic:



Our Interdisciplinary Team:

Includes the following positions:

• FASD Worker

• Clinic Coordinator

• Speech-Language Pathologist

• Occupational Therapist

• Psychometrist

• Psychologist

• Physician

• Bi-Cultural Clinician

The Northwestern Ontario FASD Diagnostic Clinic is a collaborative project between:

  • Fort Frances Tribal Area Health Services Inc.

  • Creighton Youth Services


  • Kenora Association for Community Living

  • Kenora and Rainy River District Child & Family Services

  • Kenora Chiefs Advisory

  • Lake of the Woods District Hospital Community Programs

  • Meno Ya Win Health Care

  • Northwestern Health Unit

  • Sioux Lookout First Nations Health Authority

  • Waasegiizhig Nanaandawe’Iyewigamig


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